Qué hay que llevarse para Opava en noviembre

Dear guests,

we are really excited about the upcoming visit. To ensure that you enjoy your stay one hundred per cent, we recommend you to bring the following items with you:

  • warm clothes (in the Czech Republic temperature in November reaches 5 – 8°C, however, it might be colder, windy and rainy, it might even snow); please take also gloves, caps and scarves as the weather is quite unpredictable at this time of year
  • umbrella and raincoat (raincoat is quite essential for our programme on Wednesday 9th November, as we are going to work in a forest)
  • strong shoes
  • one set of smarter clothes (for the official welcome at school and at the town hall, also maybe for the common evenings) – you don’t need to bring a suit, nice jeans and a shirt/blouse will be fine
  • a sporty outfit + shoes (on Thursday morning all participants are going to attend games session in our sports hall, you need comfortable gym clothes and shoes that won’t damage the floor)
  • basic writing equipment
  • personal documents (ID, passport, health insurance documents)
  • personal medication
  • computer devices (iPads, tablets and such) might be useful for recording your experiences, but it is not necessary for every student to have his/her own
  • chargers to all your devices (please note that air travel companies might require that you switch on your devices upon request during the security check; therefore make sure that all electronic devices are charged and working); plugs/sockets used in the Czech Republic should be compatible with those of Norway, Sweden and Spain (http://www.power-plugs-sockets.com/czech-republic/)
  • your school presentation preferably in Powerpoint format (we have had some bad experience with some of the advanced formats, which our school equipment was not able to decode); also please bring your presentation an a flashdrive, CD or such medium for an easy transfer (don’t have it on the internet, our school wifi works mostly OK, but it has happened more than once that it was slow or unavailable – we would like to avoid technical problems, which would disrupt the schedule)
  • all your suggestions about the slogan of the project in English and Spanish
  • video-invitation to Valencia (Spanish partner only)

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on facebook.

See you soon in Opava.