Pre-mobility task: Mo i Rana

There is just one pre-mobility task. It is a presentation on local waterways in the partner schools´ regions. The presentation should show how people use water sources that are close to Opava, Valencia, Mo i Rana and Skövde. The length of each presentation should be between 15 and 30 minutes.

I am enclosing a list of questions that you can (but need not) deal with in the presentation:

1. What are the most important water areas for your town? (rivers, lakes, the sea – more than one is possible in many cases)

2. How are these areas used?

  • a. are they nature reserves?
  • b. are they used for industrial purposes?
  • · which industries?
  • · is this regulated? how?
  • · how is cleaning the water ensured?
  • c. are they used as relaxation areas for people?
  • · are they used for tourism?
  • · which facilities are there for people?
  • · are these activities limited? how?
  • d. are they used for transport?
  • * how important are these waterways for the transport in the region?

3. were they used / exploited more or less in the past than nowadays?

4. is there any ongoing public debate concerning these water areas?

  • * what is it about?

The questions above are just for inspiration. If your students think of any other way how to present local waters, it will be appreciated.